Thursday, April 5, 2012

Carmel Snow

Carmel Snow (27 August 1887 - 1961) was the influential editor of the American edition of Harper's Bazaar from 1934 to 1958.
Snow went to work as a fashion editor at American Vogue in 1921 and  joined  Harper's Bazaar 11 years later
1921 Snow 进入美国 Vogue 做为时尚编辑并且11年后加入时尚巴莎
She famously described her goal at the latter publication as creating a magazine for "well-dressed women with well-dressed minds."
 Her influence at both magazines went far beyond fashion reportage: she brought cutting-edge art, fiction, photography, and reporting into the American home
她对两本杂志的影响力远远超出了时尚文学: 她带给美国家庭新锐艺术, 小说, 摄影, 和报道
Carmel Snow with photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe and model Suzy Parker
Snow was particularly gifted at discovering new talent
Snow 在发觉人才方面极具天赋
Snow hired her famous art director Alexey Brodovitch
Snow 雇佣了她著名的艺术总监 Alexey Brodovitch
She noticed Diana Vreeland
她发掘了 Diana Vreeland
As to why her reputation faded, while Vreeland went on to become a legend, photographer Richard Avedon said: "She was older, right? And she died before stardom was the thing." He added, however, "Carmel Snow taught me everything I know."至于为什么她的销声匿迹, 而 Vreeland 成为传奇人物, 摄影师 Richard Avedon 说:"她更老, 对吧?她在世的年代还没有明星名流这一说." 他还补充道:"Carmel Snow教会了我所有我知道的"
Many others, and particularly photographers, also credited her with helping them to hone their craft. Henri Cartier-Bresson described Snow as "magic."And when the great Hungarian photographer known as Brassai heard of Snow's retirement, he was said to have abandoned photography for good还有其他人, 特别是摄影师, 都受益于她的帮助给他们磨练的机会. Henri Cartier-Bresson 形容她是"魔法师."当匈牙利摄影师 Brassai 在得知 Snow 退休的消息后, 甚至干脆终止了自己的摄影生涯
Carmel Snow with Gabrielle Chanel 1952/12
Carmel Snow with Cristóbal Balenciaga 1952/12 

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